Illinois Auto Insurance Quotes

Getting Illinois auto insurance quotes is easy as there are many ways you can go about getting them. However as you request your quotes from the insurance companies there are a few ways you can go about getting an accurate quote. When you get your Illinois auto insurance quotes, you will want to receive quotes that are as close to the actual price you will be paying each month, or every six-months, as possible. While many people simply fill out the request online and wait for a call or a quote to appear in their email, there are a few things you can do to ensure the quoted price is accurate.

Requesting Quotes & Coverage

When you request your quotes from the insurance agencies for your auto insurance, ensure you are requesting the same amount of coverage from each agency and not different coverage options. If you are getting the minimum state requirement of liability insurance plus uninsured motorist coverage from one company, then you should request the same of all companies. This can help you receive quotes that are not only easy to compare side by side but also allow for more accurate quotes. This is the same with additional coverage as well, all quotes should be the same.

Call for Confirmation

Once you have narrowed down your list of prospective insurance companies for your Illinois auto insurance quotes, call the companies that you are seriously interested in for a secondary quote. When you make these calls, ask the representative about a new quote with the same criteria of your original quote, and ensure that the quote you receive is going to reflect the price you pay. You can also inquire about bundling multiple policies for lower rates as well as how to lower your rates as time passes. One of the major benefits you will find as you make these calls is that you will get a look into how you will be treated as a customer once you purchase your insurance.


There are numerous ways you can go about getting accurate quotes for your auto insurance, and while many will work well, others are much more complicated. When you shop for insurance for your car, taking your time is key to finding not only an excellent provider of your insurance, but also good prices and coverage. You don’t want to buy insurance that won’t meet the state minimum, and you want to avoid paying too much for coverage if you can prevent it.